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Four Things You Should Never Do To Your Home

Inexperienced plumber trying to repair an electric water heater

Calling a professional can save you time, money and a possible headache

  1. WORK ON YOUR OWN PLUMBING, first off because I absolutely hate plumbing work. I can work on A/C and electrical all day long but ask me to change the smallest little plumbing thing and I’m at the hardware store 15 time before I even start. Not to mention the disaster that could result. Trust me it’s cheaper to hire a plumber.
  2. DON’T DO YOUR OWN ELECTRICAL, this might sound like it’s self serving but think about it this way. Think about what you do or did for a living. Now imagine the average person trying to do what you did…let’s say you were a boat mechanic. Would you go out on a boat that the average Joe repaired, with little or no experience? Again it’s usually always better and safer to hire the right professional.
  3. DON’T DO YOUR OWN A/C REPAIR. Please change your filters, but when it comes to the rest – see numbers 1 and 2 above.
  4. DON’T LEAVE YOUR HOME FOR MORE THAN A DAY WITHOUT TURNING THE WATER OFF. If you are going away turn your water off. The damage that can result from leaking pipes is incredible. I was at a home that the occupants had left for a long weekend, a pipe had burst in the third floor, the damage to this home looked like a bomb went off.

So I covered four things to never do to your home, but please for the sake of your family, check your smoke detectors on a monthly basis. Smoke detectors save lives, but only when they are working. A good way to remember is check them every time you pay your electrical bill.

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