Being a high-end home builder working with a clientele that demands the best, I rely onSanibel Air & Electric to take care of all of my clients’ heating and cooling needs. From new construction to the after care of my clients’ comfort needs they are always there.

Michael Valiquette

The crew you sent to the house where great. They were all pleasant and helpful and they did such a great job. Thank you to all for the wonderful air conditioning job. I knew from working with you at the club that only a top notch job comes out of your organization.

Kyle Sweet

It’s so nice to have a service company come to my home, give me a thorough inspection, and accurate quote for work to be done! Add to that, good phone communication, and service performed efficiently with pleasant, knowledgeable technicians, and you have Sanibel Air & Electric.

Laurie Taub

I have worked with Sanibel Air & Electric for over 20 years, I have always come to rely on there honesty, integrity and professionalism. They make my job easier. I know that I only have to make one call and the issue is off my plate. They take full accountability.

Tracey Brunner

We came home to no air conditioning and Sanibel Air & Electric was there the next day to fix it. Hooray! Thanks, Sanibel Air! You’re cool.

Barbara Joy Cooley

A couple of years ago, our Sanibel Air & Electric tech told us how much money we could save by installing a humidistat in our home so that it would keep our air conditioning costs down while we are up north. It has saved us thousands in electric bills over the years!

Jason LaManna